So I have never been diagnosed with OCD. I've just googled my concerns and more or less diagnosed myself. It began…or atleast began to be bad enought that I noticed it was an issue after I had my first baby. 9 months ago. It at first was all about her and the 10000 0ways she could be hurt, or things that gcoulg go wrong. Then it moved to just awful thoughts in general, just random horrible thoughts througout the day, seemingly coming out of nowhere. Driving past a man on the streets and thinking if he fell over and I crushed his scull with my car on accident,….not normal daily thoughts. I also found myself doing things in counts of 5,…Id shake my daughters bottle in repititons of 5 and so on.  I mentioned it to a friend I know had ocd really bad with fours. She said to try to quit counting and just not let it consume my life.      Know I am bringing it back up becuase I keep having these random thoughts lately that I do not love my boyfriend. I am ABSOLUTLY HEAD OVER HEALS in love and believe with everythign in me he is the man of my dreams. However my head will at times tell me I do not love him and there is no passion, annd I pick out things that could be better about him. Its awful and I feel like a terribly girlfiend. We've been together for a little over a year and I've had these thougts for maybe the last 3 months or so. Can someone PLEASE let me know if this sounds like OCD especially in regards to how I feel about my boyfriend and I. also Should I seek counseling if that is the case


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