[color=”black”]This is not strictly about recovery or the normal things that people share about around here, so I hope no one will get mad, but I want you to know that we do recover, we do get lives, and we can be trusted with the responsibility of caring for others. These are my latest two “others” and, indirectly, the nice thing I did for my 8 year old son. :biggrin:

As promised, I took some pictures of the baby rats. I really hate this cell phone for pictures, so I'll have to take more, hopefully sharper, pictures when the new phone gets here next week.

We tried to take pictures in the bedroom, but the lighting wasn't too good and the rats really wriggle a lot. This is Ratty, the little gray dumbo rat.

And his twin brother, Jack, the black dumbo rat.

And Ratty and Jack together.

I was disappointed in the quality of these pictures, so I tried to take more downstairs (in their cage) but the now I had to contend with the bars. They love their little house and they stay in there most of the time together. It's going to be too small for them when they grow up, so I'll probably make them a hammock when they get bigger.

They poked their heads out to see what I wanted when the light went on.

Normally Ratty is the shy one of the two, but not tonight. He was the first one out to have his picture taken.

He came right up to the camera and sniffed it.

I rewarded him with a Lucky Charm. They love their treats already, but I'm careful not too give them too much, so don't call PETA on me or anything. They get lots of grains, seeds, fruit, vegetables and healthy stuff. But if I want to coax them out of the house in a hurry, breakfast cereal or mashed potatoes are their favorite treats.

Ratty ran back into the house to enjoy the treat. Jack immediately noticed that Ratty had something that he didn't have and decided he might come out, too. Notice that he trampled Ratty in the process.

Jack was fighting me for the piece of cereal. I normally just give it to him but I was trying take a picture so I wouldn't let go right away. This made him wiggle more as he tried to snatch it from me, so I still didn't get a great picture. Look at his little paw, it's so cute!

Anyway, they are the greatest little pets. Daron adores them and carries them around in the pocket of his hoodie. They LOVE his long hair and run up his arm to cuddle on his neck and make a nest. He is terribly ticklish and it is non-stop entertainment for them all.

The cats could care less, btw. I think I feed them too well. :biggrin:



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