Hello all,

Well, As much as I hate to admit to it, I took my "DO NOT OPEN FOR 20 years" Box out of the attic last week. Wow is all I can say. Lots of stuff I tried to forget, but it's still there i guess. lol. And so is my " I don't, I can't, Don't know how never build bridges or fox holes" Mentality apparently.

Feels good actually. Didn't realize how much i missed being in a position of leadership.Ok, I'll explain.

The "Don't open" Box is the box that I put all of my Uniforms, paperwork, misc. stuff from the service into when I came home from the service. I taped it shut and shoved it into the farthest corner of my attic with the exception of on of my unit coins. That I carry with me in my front pocket at all times. I Consider it to be Unit Honor and would feel lost without it. lol.

Anyhow I opened the box. Now here is the ironic thing. You can leave the Hospital Corps, but you will always be a Doc till the day you help guard heaven's gates along with your fellow Marines.

With that in mind. lol. Since comming back home I've fallen into a volunteer position as an HIV/AIDS Advocate and Educator.Now as of late I've been busy working on the production of an HIV/AIDS 101 DVD. My boss (at the place I volunteer at and grant writer seem to like that. With that in mind the following happened:

Last week I was asked by my boss at the local ASO and Department of health to attend an HIV Leadership Conference. LOL. When I was asked why they told me; and I quote: "Not for the Leadership part, you have that down more than pat, it's for the networking. We think you would have fun. Besides There are a few other HIV positive Veterans that will be there who really want to meet you. And it might help you with the dvd" All I was able to do was roll my eyes, sigh, and say errr and Yut. After that I told them I would go as long as there was plenty of coffee available. They have given me their word that I will have all the coffee I can drink.

A good thing, because Coffee is essential to life.

In anycase I'm going.

So with that said, I'm off to the leadership conference. I have mapped out each location that serves coffee along the way and that is that. Having worked out the logistics of the outbound and return trip my boss now is convinced that I have OCD. lol. I have informed him that people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.I still remember some of the 14 principles of leadership and first line leadership stuff. LOL

In anycase, I put the box back up, said goodbye to memories best left alone and feel a lot better about myself. On the other hand I spent most of the day yesterday resisting an urge to get a high and tight. Just got my hair cut like a week ago for crying out loud. LOL.

Anyhow, I'll post pictures of the trip after I get them developed. Have a great weekend everyone, See ya all monday!



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    henryb3 12 years ago

    hey man  I feel you.I am a vet of the US Army Medical,a Med.Spe.,a Army Practical Nurse.Hon.discharge from Hell.The Army was a great experience but only did 6 years.My heart goes out to todays servents of the political wars.I was not in any wartime situation but some of the people i served with happen to be evil and of rank at the same time.Anyway  I wanted to commend you on your blog and the way you write.I enjoy to read you thanks and by the way for me ,no box.

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    Smile_still 12 years ago

    Sounds Great! An opportunity for learning and growth. I'm looking forward to hearing about the experiance when you get back. I'd like to hear more about your DVD too. Everyone has a box…right?……Hope you have a great time!

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    docadamshaspert 11 years ago

    Secret_Sam,  To answer your question… I cried when i opened the box.  It had been almost Four years since I closed it up.  First thing I saw was a Jar of Dirt i brought home from Arlington.  Did a lot of crying that day.  That Box is not full of warm fuzzy memories.  But on the same note the VA takes care of me so it's a 50/50 situation.

    Still haven't gotten the pictures developed guys.  Cross developing Slide film apparently has increased in price since 2003.  That coincidentally is the last year I had shot slide film or Medium format for that matter. LOL  I am saving up of course but my habit of buying really fun Yarn to knit with keeps getting in the way.

    Same note: the DVD is going well.  Got the grant as requested and I turned the project over to a really good tech (and a good friend) about Two months ago due to my health.  Not doing to good these days. 

    But hey I'm breathing, have a pulse, and Coffee still exists.  That's all that counts at this point.



    -Semper Fi.

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