Ive been trying to find a way to deal with all the "wildlife" that like to make its way into my house, first I would like to know, why is it only summer that they choose to come inside? and do they invade the neighbours houses too? I have so far been mouse free for about 2 days now, I bought a trap that just traps them and I took him to the other end of the street so he could invade some one elses house lol, my next problem… what ever happened to normal sized cockroaches???? are these things on steriods or something? I swear they are getting bigger by the year, and why my house? I thought they went into dirty houses?? my house is not dirty, its not allowd to be, it has a clean freak for an owner and I must follow! These things are huge mother fuckers, they are scary, so im thinking of investing $10 into that new mortein surface spray, 10bux is a bit rich compared to the normal 4 or 5 bux, but this stuff claim to kill before the  bug has a chance to run away, which I would like cause I hate it when a roach takes hours to die. hmmmmmmmmmmm

I just went to the shop to buy smokes, and got asked for ID. Has any one else found this that when you were under age you never got asked for ID untill you were old enough to buy the smokes or alcho? I easily got away with it before I was 18, even though my heart would be in my mouth, untill the day I turned 18 they first day I got my ID i went and bought smokes and got asked for ID… and that was the first time ever lol.

as some of you may know, I want another dog, but mum says no, well when she was home over the weekend we almost met in the middle, she wants a cat but i cant say im a huge fan of cats because they always hate me, anyway we almost agreed on getting a dog that is the size of a cat…lol I think I have made progress. I was watching Oprah yesterday and that show was a huge tear jerker, it was about puppy mills and it is soooo heart breaking, the female dogs are treated so inhumainly its really sad, and I dont understand why they are legal. Its just horrible, and these puppy mills and pet shops are just in it for the money and treat dogs and cats like their only puropse is to breed, they dont even sell the dogs correctly like my friend bought a dog from the pet shop and paid the price of a Staffordshire pup when in actual fact the dog is a mixed breed with out one ounce of staffie in her,the pet shop claimed she was a pure bred staffie, she did look like one slightly as a pup but as she grew… no way, she has a long pointy nose, longish shaggy hair, fluffy tail, tall, long and skinny body framing she looks like a dingo x red healer and in actual fact instead of paying $600 the dog is only worth about $200, obviously my friend is very happy with her dog, but people who may have specifically  wanted a staffie and ended up with a mix would not have been very happy, I think it is a complete outrage, I think they knew they could get rid of the "staffie" puppies fast if named staffie and at the price of $600 you could pay $600 for a poorly bred stafffie or a staffie pup that does not come from a terrific blood line, but for a pedagree bred staffie you would be looking at a min of $1000.

Ok i think im done with my little rant/chat to myself lol

  1. Tara 14 years ago

    Also I just read the sims 3 wont be released till June 5th????

    I thought it was out Feb 20th 🙁

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  2. Tara 14 years ago

    You mean touch it? lol nooooo these things are huge and really freaky they go up on their hind legs like they are planning on how to kill you and are getting ready to do it, just spent $9.95 on some raoch spray lol

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