We all have that need to find that special person to share life with…some of us go to the extreem…lol…by serching several sites online and get even more frusterated by the day…as you get to know someone and they are great and then you try to meet them and poof there gone…or they make every excuse in the book not to be able to…LOL…the of course the ones that make a meeting place then don\'t show up…ha ha ha…gotta love them!!!    Then if you do find someone that meets up with you and you hit it off witch seems to be one in fifty…now you have that other barrier to get over…That fact that if they are ok with you are HIV positive…oh lord it seems like I\'ll never meet that one…it\'s not the fact that I\'m a hedrosexual male…and that I\'m bad looking or anything like that…I\'m a good looking man with a great seance of humor…Trying to find someone that has HIV has been a dead end for me for several months on end…so very frusterating to say the least in my quest on several hiv sites…It\'s not like I haven\'t givin it a good try or time…it\'s getting these people to even talk to you is a huge factor…I have sent out hundreds of messages only to have a few answered…half of them don\'t even reply to what you wrote them…LMAO…the ironey…HA HA HA!!!   I think I\'m gonna go insaine trying to be responcible with having HIV and dating…As I won\'t just not tell someone and take there choice away…as that was done to me…At this point I\'m feeling like it\'s dead end battle…Frowns…I am so tired of being lonely and alone it\'s truly made me sicker…as just feel like giving up…feeling like a lost cause in life…I can only hope and pray that someone will stop to save my day…till then it\'s another day of the HIV positive single man\'s blues…

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    damitjanet 13 years ago

    I agree with pics and reawakened  be patient. and keep trying you never know when it’s going to happen. I can’t really give advice on finding someone and dating as I’m not really good in that area,LOL. What I do know is that after awhile it really does become ok to be by yourself.

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