this is my first blog, and i really dnt want ppl thinking i'm some self centred bitch, which suckily for me most ppl think out of misunderstanding or maybe i just am ….., anyway this is my first blog and i just needed to vent a little, stuff that been buggen me a little,

i suffer from depression and anxiety (haha suffer), and well umm ,, i feel like this place and dt, is the only place i cn write down thoughts or feelings, or something, i always dnt tell anyone about how i feel, becos no one likes to know, i hav tried alot but i  become so weary from all my effort getting no where and leading me to fel even worse with ppl ignoring me, or saying unnice things. which i am sick of , it really isnt hard to be nice, and i dont understand why ppl at skool are so nast, makes me feel like a shadow


but i guess a shadow is wat i have gotten used to, over the years i feel like some mist perhaps not there, cos no one seems to see me, i have always been the quiet girl, the shy girl, no one talk to her, she is boring and ugly, yes i havve heard them say that wen they thought i couldnt hear


this blog means, that i dont wan to be seen as self absorbed, i hate selfishness, cnt stand it, and wen i find myslef talking about me , and my problems, it just isnt faire or anyone, i am selfish which makes me hate myself , leading to other problems blah blah blah, and really in chat it isnt my turn to speak, cos really why would anyone ever want to?


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  1. edinadiva 13 years ago

    It's not selfish to want to have the chance to voice how you feel. It is totally normal. So don't worry about it and if you need to write how you are feeling then there are a lot of people on this site who will care. Take care, Laura.

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