It’s been a while since I last wrote in here. I guess it’s about due time that I make an update on my oh so interesting life.

I’m at a rut in the road right now. I should be happy with how things are going and where they are going, but yet, I’m not. In fact, I feel worse than I was feeling before. But again, I am left asking myself that same question I always ask.


All I do lately is sleep. For hours on end, and for what seems like days. I’m sleeping for up to 15 hours at a time. And still waking up exhausted. I have constant headaches that have turned into migranes. I feel nauseous. Unhappy. Dis-satisfied with myself.

I think I am pregnant. It’s not like me to feel this way for days at a time. It usually passes.

But not this time. 

  • Fatigue (I am sleeping more often than not)
  • Missed period (not always a definite sign of pregnancy) ( Is yet to be determined)
  • Frequent urination (Peeing more often than usual)
  • Nausea (morning sickness—which can last all day long—is usually worst during the first trimester) (I’ve been feeling nauseous for days now)
  • Tender, enlarged breasts (as your body adjusts to pregnancy, this will improve) (To be determined)
  • Odor aversion (up to 40 percent of women experience this) (My boyfriend made me lasagna earlier tonight for dinner…I LOVE lasagna, but the smell of it this time made me gag)
  • Constant headaches (I’ve been getting headaches/migranes for the last week)

So… all in all… I think I AM in fact pregnant.


I already have one, and I’m not ready for anymore. But what am I to do? I don’t believe in termination of babies. And I don’t believe in adoption.

So… I’m in a rut.

I wish I knew what to do.

I’m so lost.

I think I want to just go to sleep and not wake up till it’s all over.

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  1. BeOptimistic 14 years ago

    Not sure if you are religious or not, but I will pray that things work out for you.  It does sound like it  is a possibility for sure.

    Hugs, Patty

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