I’ve suffered with Depression and Anxiety my entire life and it’s been a struggle, at times I could barely keep it together.  Exercise and proper nutrition have always help me cope in difficult times.  If anyone needs guidance to get on started I’d love to help and share what’s worked for me in the past.  I realize my purpose in life is to help people who unfortunately suffer with this terrible disease.  Feel free to reach out and share your story or to chat.


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  1. lacey7 10 months ago


    I can relate to living with anxiety feelings and having depression feelings that can show up from time to time.

    Depression feelings and anxiety feelings can be managed without prescription medications.

    Nutrition plays a big part of it how a person feels, how healthy they are, maintaining a weight that works best for their height, etc!

    I have fitness tip that might help someone else. On days, I don’t feel like going to our fitness room, I do something else

    instead. I walk around lifting hand weights when walking from one room to another to clean. Also, I have wrist and ankle weights I can wear when actually cleaning as a option.

    We have a smart television in the fitness room with a remote that makes a big difference in spending time in there.

    I know people who don’t seem to go by, “Eating unhealthy foods lead to feeling unhealthy. Food is medicine.” I find the differences remarkable in peoples health and the connection of what they eat.

    My husband is diabetic and has heart disease. His twin brother is also diabetic. It is very interesting to compare how his brother doing eating the “Standard American Diet” is on insulin with his diabetes. His brother had to lose weight to help his diabetes. So far, :::knock on wood:::: my husband’s diabetes is diet controlled.

    Here is a good reason eat healthy for someone who isn’t motivated. If you eat healthy and have heart disease, did you know that your body can create pathways that prevent heart attacks? My husband’s widow maker artery was 100 percent blocked but his body make a alternative route! and by passed the blocked artery preventing the heart attack that would of happened if he didn’t happen to eat healthy.

    It is kind of you to motivate and help others how to manage depression and anxiety with exercise and nutrition.

    I recommend focus breathing with positive affirmations both being read and said out loud as well.

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