2 weeks officially, today. Nervous, but I think I’m just now starting to take it in. I hope I get a phone in the summer, ’cause I really want to talk to her. Her witty banner, her well-rounded face, the sarcasm (and so on) is just so amazing and, damn…I’m running out of words to say. This is so much better than all my other relationships have been. Could be because girls are much more attractive than guys, I guess. I mean, that’s my opinion, but I don’t know. And all these dreams I keep having…I’m still having a hard time telling myself that this is okay. I’m already looked at funny for this (and every time they do it, I want to put their heads through a wall). But…this is the deepest I’ve ever felt for anyone, so…I don’t know. It’s confusing/fantabulous and my head’s swimming everywhere. Is THIS why I want my name to be Pisces, lmao? But, seriously, I need to take a big breath. Plus, she decided on where the date’s gonna be, so that’s cool, too.


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