As many of you know the dear family friend of mine & my husband's Puffy has been fighting cancer . His health has been slowly declining , the last week or so he has been getting steadly worse . Well last Thuresday my husband went over to his house to check on him & he was extremely sick at his stomach , pucking in the trash can , my husband had called me to tell me that puffy was not looking good . Well Last night I got a call on my phone from my husband's sister letting us know that Puffy was N the hospital & its very bad, the cancer is back in his liver . The Doctor's have given him 3-6 weeks to live , this breaks my heart , he is such a loving kind person , he has always been there for my husband & I . He was there for us when we moved into our house , he always texts my husband wanting him to come hang out with him , smoking a joint him with . Puffy is just a really cool uncle , you can just shoot the shit with & he won't judge you . Puffy is Gay so he always has friends to stop by & hang out with him . Puffy doesn't really have family , he has one brother , but his one brother never hardly calls him or stops by to see , simply because Puffy is gay & his brother doesn't like the type of friends Puffy hangs out with , which is really sad . Puffy is on his death bed & his one & only brother won't put aside his feelings , to be a brother & say hey!! I love you , your my brother .. How? can people be so selfish , just beause someone is gay , doesn't mean they aren't human & don't have feeling .. Puffy is a good person & helps every one , yet when he's down , his one & only brother can't step up .

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 7 years ago

    Oft times relatives live with guilt after a family member passes. The family member's stances when the brother was alive fade into insigfnificance. ou don't get a second chance after a person passes. It will be for the non gay brother to deal with is feelings. Seems as though his homophobia is in control now.


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