I'm sitting at the mans fathers place. Bored. He's playing a video game. I'll sometimes play it, but because there are the four guys here, I'm left to the tv and my phone. It's been a whole since I've logged on so I thought I might pop in and quick update with the latest. So I'll start from today. We took his 3 year old out and had to drop him off at his ex's. That was interesting. She started going off about not being introduced to her and how she should have known about whos hanging around her kid. I TOLD J that it would be a good idea to do that in the first place. As a courtesy. He doesn't know every single person she has around his son, I just thought it might save an argument. But noooo. He didn't listen. Anyway so I introduced myself and she was ok to me. Not to my man. She just called him some lovely words and Is just being outright nasty. How someone can be so nasty to someone who just wants to see his son, is beyond me. Needless to say she was onto her lawyer and J his. I sure feel like I'm about to be dragged through mud. I will stick by him though. I love him. Other news, pregnancy. I thought I was pregnant, which turned out to be a false alarm. I can honestly say I was dissapointed, and so was J. I know it's only been 2 months, but Id be happy to start a family with him. Of course there have been a few times he's rubbed me wrong, and It took me a while to finally get the courage to tell him that what he said actually Hurt my feelings a bit. Like when he was folding my underwear (something that I had been avoiding… I know it's a stupid thing.. But hey) he just made a comment like “woah” and held them up and laughed and made a comment about them being granny's. That kinda hurt. Anyway I told him and he apologized immensely. Oh and when he we were cuddling and he grabbed my belly and said “baby we could make a few rolls here!”. Anyway I told him off for that too. Appart from that, things are going great. I'm very happy. 🙂


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