I found out a friend had passed away….in August. We used to be good friends back in the day. We would go out drinking, dancing, he loved to have house parties. He very much enjoyed filling his home with friends. Since I wasn't a social butterfly (and I'm still not) I would go to his parties every now and then.




Then, as the years passed, he stopped. He was no longer thowing parties, we would talk on the phone less and less….until he had stopped returning my phone calls. Nothing bad happened between us. I just figured (as some of my other friends) we were simply losing touch. He continued on with his life and I with mine.




This past week, I had lunch with another friend of mine and, out of nowhere, she asked me if I had known about his death. I didn't know what she was talking about. She proceeded to tell me she had read his obituary in the newspaper back in August and had been meaning to ask me about him.I was stunned. When I returned to my office, I googled him and sure enough ~ there was his obituary with his picture. I was saddened.




I had a handful of true friends I would get together with….of course, this was before the internet and texting. We would call each other. But, after time passed, we no longer kept in touch.There are a couple of friends I have on Facebook ~ as long as I see them posting then I know they're ok. Although, that's not quite the same. Seems to me, things have gotten so impersonal since technology has made things easier.





We never know what's going to happen in life. Just a thought ~if you have that one friend or a couple of friends you have lost touch with….but still think of them occasionally….call. Just to say 'Hello', if that's possible. Sometimes,a simple hello can make a world of difference.



Peace All.


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  1. kmg1947 9 years ago

    That is so true Marc Anthony. Technology has truly made relationships n friendships so impersonal. I too have friends who have drifted off n heard of death or something terrible that happened n the news was delivered thru text or Facebook in box mail. I call my sister at least 1 a week even if it is a vm, Life is short. You don't have to be ill to die, life is numbered for us all. Stay connected as much as possible and enjoy life more when u can face to face.


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