When I watched Tv as a child I used to constntly feel I had to spell everything everyone said. I would get frustrated because it was so hard to keep up. I would mute the tv until I did so I couldn't hear anything ( thereby not havin to spell it) Eventually I got control of this…somewhat. I still have a bit of it. A lot of people ask me how to spell things, lol.


I also used to have this thing about my socks. My mother used to be so aggravated by it. She would start having me get my shoes on a half hour before we were due to leave. I would put on my socks over and over and over and over and if it didn't feel right, if it still felt like there was a wrinkle at all I would rip them off an dstart over. I would sit on the floor and scream in frustration about it.


I used to count doing circular motions on the knuckles of my fingers to certain numbers and if I didn't make the circular motion circular enough I'd start all over and switch hands to make it even on both sides.


Sometimes when I read certain phrases or sentences get stuck in my head. Songs too. When I try to sleep sometimes the song is in my head so badly I just can't sleep. People thought I had insomnia as I would literally stay up until I was about to fall asleep in my chair so that I could finally conk out and not have to worry about lying in bed for three hours trying to sleep.


And.. for a long time I would drink to self medicate. -_-;


Now I woke up today, it was very hard to sleep last night. I feel so anxious, as if I've done something wrong, but I haven't. :sigh: I have to do dishes and get ready for work soon.


Catch everyone later.


Why is there nos pell check on here? It's driving me nuts, lol.

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  1. raider916 9 years ago

    That sound's frustrating! Especially if they were long words. It wasn't worth your frustration, but I bet you became a good speller as a result of it. It's weird how OCD finds something and makes it feel so important to us, yet its so irrelevant. Don't know if i spelled that right or not. Im sure you do though.

     I do a lot of counting to certain numbers too, mainly 23 now. Used to be in 6's. Then 3 groups of 6 and 5.  Then 6+1 more for insurance, which eventually became 7, which became 3 groups 7 plus 2 to 23.  It is also 2+3 which equals 5, and 2×3 which equals 6. Both being "safe" numbers to me. It's ridiculous.

     Hopefuly you stopped drinking to self medicate. That might help you during the moment, but OCD always seems to make up for it, especially the next day.

      Good question about spell check. Probably a bad idea to have on an OCD site though, unless they are getting paid a penny each time we press it. You are probably one of the last ones to need it anyway. Maybe you can consider it exposure therapy? Hope you have better days ahead. Take care.

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