Alright, now that the last of the confetti has landed and the cleanup is underway, I have to just say that CANADA freekin ROCKED the winter Olympics! I've always loved watching the games but I can't remember being SO caught up in them since Atlanta hosted the summer games back in '96 !  Vancouver was the perfect model host of a city…beautiful and gracious. Bold without being gaudy  or in-you-face overbearing. \"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"

I've always loved the figure skating events but found myself caught up in the excitement of all of them!  You couldn't HELP but be happy when Canada won the Hockey game! Anyone else would have totally obnoxious in their win but not you guys. I was totally caught up in the moment and I wasn't even there!

Generally, by the closing events of any Olympic coverage I find myself at a little bit of a burn-out and also at a huge letdown afterward….This time the Closing ceremony was an exuberant burst of energy followed by a gentle ramp-down to the finale… I was relieved that Neil Young wasn't the final note though as that would have been ending with a whimper instead of a bang. Sorry Niel, but in the day, your voice was whiney at BEST…now its OLD and Whiney….yikes(sorry!). Well I'm sure it seemed like a good idea to the steering committee at the time but did you catch the WTF look on all of those young Canuks in the crowd?  I was SO relieved when the program picked itself back up and followed with William Shatner (aka the Fearless Flab). I believe he is as loved here in the states as much as his native Canada. And besides, it takes at least TWO countries to hold that mammoth ego!

OMG then Catherine O'Hara with her slide-show review of the games had me cracking up! If you ever loved her from SCTV then you'd appreciate her montage of Canadian politeness…When she got to the part of  " I'm sorry we got  GOLD, we'll  have it bronzed." I nearly peed my pants.

SO happy that Michael J. Fox was there and looking and sounding GOOD!

What else can I say? The Ruskies had better been taking notes because they are going to be hard pressed to meet much less top this spectacular hosting!!

As a footnote, I'll have to just add that after this publicity, Canada is going to have to tighten their boarder security to prevent a flood of illegal aliens over their boarder….and I'm talking Americans, not Mexicans!  lol\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"



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