Right now, I am sitting here knowing I need groceries.

I am struggling to make decisions about taking a shower or bath, getting motivated to put on make up etc.

My stomach hurts from the anxiety.

The thought of driving to the store (fearing an accident) and being in the grocery store fills me with worry.

I have been through so much in the last eight years and have given up thinking that the world is a good place with more than a few good people.

Most people in this area are simply horrible people.    I have worked for horrible people here and had many horrible them come and go from social life here.

I don’t want to get hurt anymore.   I am tired of feeling disappointed by people here, situations, my reality etc.

I have laundry that needs done but I just feel overwhelmed by going down stairs to the washing machine, getting hangers from closets, sorting clothes due to anxiety and depression.

It is upsetting that one of my sons is engaged to a horrible person.   I possibly won’t even meet any children he fathers in the future because she is herself.

The other son is planning on quitting his job.  He isn’t even planning on looking for another right away.  He is opting to start his own business.  It is isn’t a good time to do this.   Why can’t he just work part time verses full time while figuring out a business.

I find change upsetting in general.    It makes me nervous.

My daughter is planning on ————-.   I worry about her.

Thankfully, typing this out helped my stomach feel less like it is tied on knots from anxiety stomach issue.

I have decided to buy another plant soon.   It is one thing that I have to look forward to right now.

Maybe my daughter will meet a good male human being.   She wants marriage and then children.

I feel betrayed by her former fiancé for his actions toward her and us.   It hurts as much as if he was my own son.

Again, thanks for listening.

(((Hugs))))) and hope to everyone.

I am crying.   I need to cry.


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