My parents are fighting once again.. over the usual.. it usually happens at least twice a year.. I thought this time was going to be different b/c the peace lasted for so long..but no.. now they arent talking, the demon in my father has unleashed itself, neither of them love each other or want to be together, even on happy days.. its times like these where I don't know what to do.. I go to work with my dad.. my mom always pours her heart out to me which makes us both cry, and since I am the oldest of 5 kids + my nephew.. the stress is just so overwhelming.. and anytime I'm away.. another argument always surfaces.. luckily my boyfriend and I are going to wonderland tomorrow to get away from everyone & everything.. but I get so worried about my siblings.. I hate being forced to choose favorites btw my parents.. I HATE IT! There really isnt anything I can do except obey my dad and stick up for my mom.. my family is so torn apart it hurts b/c we have always been close.. but now everyone does their own thing.. I barely see my brother b/c he goes to work, comes home and sleeps b/c he doesnt wanna deal with the drama.. my sister is always left alone with the baby.. my other brother has aggression and anger issues.. and the youngest is so caught up in his social life that he gets away with everything.. its the same shit all the time.. how difficult is it to even spend 1 HOUR a week together as a family doing something that includes everyone.. no more movie nights, no vacation, definately no communication what-so-ever.. just yelling, intimidation, fear, loneliness, depression, tears, broken hearts, bitterness, anger, disrespect, separation, anxiety, stress, & confusion…


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