Waiting for Florence to make her presence known.  *sigh  Have done just about everything i can think of to do, at this point, other than staying physically busy, for now.  i really needed to sit down for a lil bit, especially since i’ve been going since before 4am…and i’ve cooked and cleaned the entire time.  i am concerned about the wind–especially with the sliding glass door and the one window in the bedroom.  i’m sure i’m just over-thinking and worrying needlessly, BUT that IS how i’m programmed.  My brother–in TX–sent me a message a lil over an hour ago, telling me if someone comes by here to get people to go to the shelter, to get on it–and he’s not normally one to let on that he’s concerned/worried/anxious.  So, now i’m a bit worried.  i mean, he knows i’ve ridden out storms before–nothing new, especially since the storm’s been down-graded.  BUT, the forecast is still for a LOT of rain.  *sigh  For now, i guess we’ll have to wait’n see.  

Since this past relocation, from Sunset Beach–at the end of July–i’ve been going out a lot more.  So, i guess that’s a good thing?  i’ve also met some pretty decent people and am getting a bit more comfortable with riding the bus, as well as the actual area.  With that being said, i still don’t feel like i’ve gotten anywhere, as of yet, regarding any sort of emotional recovery.  –i know, i’m a work in progress.  i get that.  i also know i have to do the work, if anything’s ever going to change–good, bad or indifferent.  i have gone to a couple grief and loss classes, at one of the peer support sites, so i’m tying to hold onto hope that this class might actually do me some good.  i have also been going to some AA meetings with my bf, as well as another Al Anon meeting–two weeks ago.  Honestly, i don’t know IF Al Anon is really what i need, specifically, but for now, if i go to a meeting for myself, that’ll have to do, i guess.  Gotta keep trying, right???

So, for now, i guess i’ll continue watching the gusty breezes blow and wait for the rains to begin…Only time’ll tell what will really happen, in the end.  No one can actually forecast–with complete accuracy–anything in the future.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming; what do we do?  We swim, swim, swim.  —Or, at the very least, tread water???  lol

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  1. ucfdarkknight 4 years ago

    i’m glad you kept yourself physically busy. that’s probably one of the issues I personally have is that I tend to just shut down and not do anything when in a stressful situation. this actually causes me to think more and get more depressed, but i can’t seem to break out of this habit.

    I think a lot of people over think and worry endlessly, definitely me included !! lol

    how was everything with the storm? did you make it through ok. looking forward to hearing from you and hoping that everything was alright

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