So this will be my experience in high school…i went to a school called university high and it was okeeh in the beginning…but at the same time i was struggling with depression. My moods would change and like i was good at one moment n then one moment i would be crying out of no where. I had a bunch of friends my freshman year. I was getting worser n worser but it wasnt that bad just cut and cut still. i lost my bestfriend my freshman year and she left me behind. i didnt have anyone my sophomore year and my grades started to go down and when i wasnt in the good mood i would skip and call my mom to pick me up. I only had music and no one else. it wasnt so bad either and then my junior year…i was so close to drop out. i never showed up to school…one day i met this guy he made me feel special n kind of happy but i knew i didnt want to get close to him and fall in love. yet i did and he just made everything better…i knew all he wanted was just sex and i never wanted to do it cause i am a virgin. He cheated on me with this girl and i didnt know at that moment. The day before valentines day i got his phone n i was reading his messges and he was talking to his bff and said he loves his ex still. i confronted him and he denied it and yet i stayed with him. on valentines day we were gonna go to see a movie after school and since we didnt live far we decided to walk we stopped under the bridge and just chill for a while. well i ended up giving him a blowjob cause i still wasnt ready for sex. it was a good day that day and we called that whole night till thenext day of school. his ex who he said he loved moved to our school and i seen him talking to her. he broke up with me just to be with her. i was broken cause i loved him…his bestfriend stopped talking to him and started to talk to me she became my new bestfriend and told me everyhting that happened between them. I started to smoke everyday and cut everyday. i would not show up to school or classes. i wouldnt show up to lunch cause i would cry in the restrooms. i tried to kill myself cause everyone i cared for always left me n hurt me and i couldnt handle it anymore. my mom left the house to be with her boyfriend for 3 months. and i used that not to  go to school. So then came along my summer break  and i started to talk to this one guy who went to waco high  and he said hey we should hang and it was at 12 am and we walked and met up with eachother and he said he was tired n if we can rest for a while. He walked around a building in the back n i followed and he tried kissing me and i didnt mind it at first and then he tried to do more and i didnt want to do more. well he pushed me against the wall and said trust me u will be fine and then he pulled down his pants n boxers and pulled me by the hair and forced me to suck his dick. he finally let go of me and just left me there without saying anything and i called my friend to pick me up  and he did and i told him what just happened. i cried to my friend and made him promise to keep it a secret and he did. My senior year came along and with all that i wasnt even myself really. i just had more break downs and i had a really bad panic attack my senior year at the U and so they finally told my mom what was going on. she didnt really care till the new years into 2018 in tried to hang myself. i was alone and didnt have anyone at all. my family found me and luckily found me in time and they called 911 n was in the hospital for a while. i told my mom i didnt want to go to university high anymore n we talked to the councilors and they said that brazos will be a good school for me and so yeah i started to go to brazos high credit recovery. things got better and yeah sometimes i do have my bad days but its just better than before so yeah ig that is my high school experience.


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