I was a Heroine and cocaine addict back in 1980 to 1981 more or less about a year and a half until I just got tired and got myself some help and got clean and then left New York and went to Puerto Rico to get back together with my Wife and Daughter and I became a work alcoholic and I did pretty good for myself even tough I did have a little trouble with the drink for a little bit but I did stop that too when I woke up from a Black out that lasted 15 hours which really scared the crap out of me,,, but my ex was so jealous and made it really hard on my job that I was losing a lot of customers and when your a Handyman that's not good and even more when you count on word of mouth so we has our break up again and she flew out to California and I was going to go into the Army, Well Now is when I find out that My BIG MISTAKE was when I PICKED up THIS GUY'S NEEDLE Back when I was using the one and only time that I had done that,,, you see I was a Tester for the pusher man and always had clean needles except this one time that this guy threw his needle down because the coke was too strong for him and he pulled it out of his arm with half of it left and of course his blood and ME like a Dope ADDICT I pick up the Needle and shoot the rest into my arm with his blood and all,, well that's how I got infected because I never shared needles, I did not have sex while I was using, I'm not gay, and I never had a blood transfusion, so it could only be that ONE and ONLY time that I PICKED UP that Mother Fucking Needle… but I must say that I have been very lucky that I have only been sick once and that was because I started to use again back in California and in 2002 I was so tried of using that I tried to kill my self with an overdose of pills and a gram of Crystal Meth and all it did was put me in a coma for 14 days which when I came out I was really pissed off but imagine my T-cell were 6 viral load 400,000+ I had PCP pneumonia so I was dying I also was wanted by My PO and by the Grace of GOD and a friend/Caseworker which showed me some tough Love I was able to get into a Rehab and save my life,,, I have been clean and sober for the last  7+ years my T- Cells are in between 521 and the high 400's and I have been Undectable for the last 7+ years so as long as I stay away from Drugs I'll be alright,, Oh and of course take my MEDS,,,this is my story and I'm a Addict + long term survivor I have seen a lot of good people come and go and I live in Florida where the services are not really that good for people with HIV/Aids like in California but back in California I would have to deal with all the Darm Drugs and Gangs.

I also have to mention that in that rehab they introduced To NA and after about 45 days I heard something that I will never forget and that was that I will never have to feel the way I felt when I tried to take my life and that's when I started to give myself a chance and really listen to what these people were saying and I took their suggestions which were to get a basic Text, get a sponsor, work the steps, go to meetings and most important Do not Pick up no matter what…
I now have been blessed with my health, my motorcycle, my own apartment and my family are back in my life, so my message is that you can also stay Clean no matter what if you give your self and NA a chance… thank you for listening
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  1. prmike 13 years ago


    Hi I'd like to thank you all for the nice remarks and making me feel welcomed, it's nice to see that there are still some good people out there…

    thank you again always Mike

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