My boss let herself into my house!!!!  this afternon b/c I did the no call/no show thing. And here's the kicker, she saw me, I hid, thinking she'd just leave, she feigned cowardice and grabbed a neighbor, I've maybe said “Hi” to once/twice and reentered/Complete Tour II (so here I am hiding AGAIN and HGTV critics have a sidebar. Subsequently, the entire neighborhood was a three ring circle, with cops, ambulances, other neighbors, family and friends for like 2-3 hours. As she spoke on the phone with MY family (breach of duty,consent form notwithstanding, albeit perhaps they are listed as emergency contacts, she stated I was not there (suspected kidnapping, i.e. justification for notifying police, I assume) as if she either thought this was fact or she was placating a nut, until psychiatic help arrived. After most of the ruckus and revellers dispersed, I turned off lights & phone, Initially, she had everyone thinking she was poised to discover a corpse or shoot my mug for the milk jug. My poor parents! Common decency should dictate LEAVE! Much to my chargin, I have been thoroughly humiliated, a task not so easily accomplished, I might add, that I am “forced” to relocate as these have been my neighbors for the past six years without incident or personal disclosure. I intend to sue the company (negligence)&  boss in criminal court both w/joint/severed liab and straw man principle. And ti top it off, the bags I had packed (moving to SOUTH BEACH tommorrow-hence the no call/no show, not exactly professional, but ah heym I have to move when GOD says move!She has consistently not paid me what I am worth & overlooked an opportunity to promote me- she went external, w/a former subordinate).  Do you think this argument will hold? Why/not? (I live in an affluent suburb! This will sound contrite, but here goes: “Things like that just don't happen out here!” AWW SHUCKS–GOTTA GO GOTTA GO) SOUTH BEACH BOUND!!!

JUST for kicks: Please provide genorous feedback, as I'd like to 'try on' & offer premeditated/well-thought out questions, responses, rebuttals/refutation.

it & you… &u&u&u&u,oooh&u2!
SEE I FRRL BETTER Already! Yeah! (WARNING: Mild vulgarity)! Hip Hip Hoorah!

Thank you for letting me VENT/REFLECT/SMILE! Knowing all of you are there is awesome! I can relate to you all in ways I never imagined or believed were possible. Thank you for the love, support and true acceptance I haven't found and (I'll be doggone) still have yet to find! Love you guys & gals

Top that…:angel:

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  1. wide4u44 15 years ago

    Wow only in the USA, are the people so caring!! Back “home” in sunny South Africa your boss would have been,eaten by the rottwieder,scared shitless by the home security alarm system,shot as an intruder by the home owner and removed by the armed responce to the alarms. Leaving you with nobody to sue,a pending homicide against you -from a pro human rights state, 24hrs interogation by the local law enforcment.Next you would have to entertain all the neighbors as they vist you to express thier sympathy for your ordeal and profess thier support for your actions and subsequently miss your trip/move to south Beach due to all the press and tv coverage you would attract and interviews you would have to participate in!! ! All said and done, it is part of our Anglo Saxson heritage that our civil libertys and rights are of  a huge importance to us, so you should go the full mile !! Good Luck !

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