And even though I saw it all happen

My heart couldn’t bear to interrupt

As she leapt away into the rays of the sun

Going into something the same way she came in it

You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved

You can’t keep pushing the constant into her heart

Let her immerse herself

And watch as she falls into the clouds

Against the winds and against herself


Is it that hard to see between the lines?

That little space between life and death

That you’re stuck on

You got so close to heaven, but you couldn’t get through the doors

And you’re left lingering underneath the cold spell of yourself

As you try lifting up against the burden that burns you

You lie once again where you first fired the shot


Silence of the Opera

Her face etched in eternity

You are the stare of all envious

How can you be so beautiful?

Yet be as cold as the untouched snow around you?

It may be the simple grace of your stance

And the elegance of your legs

The way you are expected to be the most divine of all

Through the whispers you hear through the hollows of your eyes

But you really are the strangest of us all

Living to bear the pain of perfection


Operant Conditioning

Tie your hands between your excuses

And watch them pick you up piece by piece

Lie a little and you get a lot

You’re bleeding from your heart and its coming out of your mouth

Watch the words spit away that you didn’t even know was within you

And dancing to the music of humiliation

Give the behaviour and get the expected

You’re a victim of operant conditioning



Defy all of science

And make sense of abstract

Time surely does stop

As you crawl beneath the blanket of reality

You’re nothing but a muse in neverland

Neither living nor dying

When you crawl away when the day turns into night

You’re digging yourself a bed at the bottom of the darkest hole

Leaving your door bolted shut

When god came himself to save you


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  1. revealed65 13 years ago

    thank you for your comments,

    i do not mind any comments whatsoever on these, in fact, one thing i love is seeing through the eyes of others.

    you are correct, heaven is a place and a state, but i also believe that human souls have a state, i think sometimes people arent ready to live, and at the same time ready for another state of being. maybe this is what i want to believe, but at this point of my life i’m not exactly sure of anything. i cannot fully explain the strange idea of this, as it is abstract to me as this may be to you

    once again, thank you for your comments

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