I’m kinda bored and need friends…. I have friends but not a lot and one of them is mad because I’m dating another girl in our group and I don’t know why… I still hang out with her as much as before…. and I need advice or just  SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY SHES ACTING LIKE THIS!! I need to know… she’s completely ignoring me and at lunch today she started crying. She wouldn’t tell me why though. She cried before and me and our friends hugged her and calmed her down… she gets on my nerves when she refuses to tell us what’s wrong and gets mad at me and my girlfriend and we didn’t do anything wrong… I don’t know what’s wrong with her….. she cries and won’t tell us why and she  gets mad at us f9r no reason. It’s hard having more than one friend in a group as I Only had one friend until this year… and it’s hard… I try to pay attention to all of them… another friend got mad at me because she sat with us at lunch and I didn’t pay attention to her because I was busy trying to find out why my other friend was crying… having a lot of friends is very hard… why has my life become like this…? I gotta say two things because why not? Before I go on… SEPTIPLIER AWAY!! DOES JUMIN HAN IS GAY?! yes, yes he does… why do I do this to myself… I’m an idiot… what has become of my life except anime… and manga… and making others happy when me myself isn’t happy… why do I do this? Now can someone tell me why my poor depressed little bean of a friend is upset like she is, please? Bai… please have at least one answer…

  1. missnina10 5 years ago

    she could possibly have feelings for you maybe she’s jealous at the fact you chose to date someone else other than her

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  2. irishstar 5 years ago

    There could be many of reasons as into why she is mad. But first and foremost, you cannot make everyone happy. You come first before anyone. If you are not happy, then you cannot really make anyone else happy. You should always come first. Depression is the worse, believe me I know. I have lost friends over my marriage, because I am a lesbian and I choose to be happy with my wife and not make everyone else happy. She could like you, she could feel like you don’t pay attention to her like that and it makes her sad. She could have problems at home that she does not want anyone to know about. If she wants to talk about it, maybe she wants to talk to someone alone. Maybe you should text her alone, not with your girlfriend. The problem may not be you, it maybe home troubles, maybe your girlfriend was mean to her, maybe there is too many people in this group that everyone feels a certain way. Take a step back, give her space, and if she does like you, don’t rub your relationship in her face, not saying that you do but she could feel that you do, if she likes you.

    Just remember, your happiness comes first…

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    • Author
      bisexualbitch 5 years ago

      I know… it’s hardest though to make myself happy… and I hardly mention our relationship around her… I hang out with her a whole lot more than anyone…. I’m just not very good at making myself happy… but I can make others happy… I just have to put up a mask and I’ll be fine… I can fake a happy face… I’ve done it all my life…

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