Most people care about my opinion but the people who I want to care the most couldn’t give two flying shit kabobs about it. Everybody claims their listening when truly they aren’t, they’re tuning me out. I’ve gotten so used to being ignored by the people I love that I just suck it up and take it. I don’t force anybody to listen and I stay quiet and listen when they have their problems to talk about. But i’m starting to realize that just taking other peoples crap is bullshit. I shouldn’t always be the one listening and never the one talking about how I  feel. I shouldn’t have to be the one holding everything in to protect other peoples feelings but then in return completely ignore my own.  Life is way too short (even though death is something that nobody will fully understand and maybe this is death). I am Michelle and I’m ready to stop taking other peoples bullshit, I hope your ready too.


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