What do you do
when your heart is a breaking
and you're searching for air
in the breaths that you're taking
and your mind keeps on running
and it's off of the tracks
and you're trying so hard
but you can't get it back
and you're stomach is turning
and you're mouth has run dry
and you wish you could laugh
but you just wanna cry
when the sun goes down
on the noon of your day
and you wish you could speak
but there's no words to say
when your heart has grown dim
and your spirit grown cold
and you've lost all your youth
and your left getting old
when a look in the mirror
reveals the toll time has taken
and you think to yourself
have i been forsaken
how could this happen
how could this be
I used to be handsome
I used to be free
I used to feel love
I used to feel hope
but it won't wash away
not even with soap
this feeling you're feeling
This darkness that shadows
through all of your struggles
and all of your battles
and you think of the good times
and the love that you shared
but for all of your effort
you still just don't care
and your eyes have grown dim
and your heart has grown black
and you're feeling so empty
from the things that you lack
Am I lacking in patience
Am I lacking in love
Am I lacking in guidence
from the one up above
Can I look to a future
or a light up ahead
Am I just wasting time
Am i better off dead
You think I sound crazy
you think I sound bleak
or maybe I scare you
with the words that I speak
Call my feelings misguided
call my thoughts an obsession
call it what you will
I call it Depression

  1. yudith 9 years ago

    Awesome poem i love poems alot 😉 dis u wrote this one?
    If u did is great plese post more poems.

    By the way how r u?

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  2. darkpoet1977 9 years ago

    I wrote this one awhile back when I was in s much darker place. I csn only write during my lowest lows

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  3. alexsophia88 6 years ago

    Duuuuude!!! I am absolutely smitten with the way this poem was written. True talent. Seriously. Thank you for sharing this!

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  4. alexsophia88 6 years ago

    Btw, I am sorry you had to struggle to this great depth but, if it helps, know that this is proof that, even in your perceived lowest of moments, you still have something impacting to share, in this world. For that, I thank you. It helps me put words to what I have been through too and know, I am not alone.

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    • Author
      darkpoet1977 5 years ago

      Thanks alexsophia88, Sometimes the only way to clear my head is to channel all thoughts through me into words, it’s usually not pretty and brutally honest but at least when I’m done I feel free

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