Well I went in for pre-op today and had more things thrown out at me to do.   Then the doctor says, since I had a kidney infection last month and was bleeding then that I will need to do a cysto test.  I thought of what in the hell em I getting myself in for now.   I di the cysto test and I was able to veiw everything on there cameras while they were doing the test.   I When they got up by my kidney and looking at the tubes going from the kidneys that connect to the bladder.  The doctor was looking around more and then I told him hey I saw blood and it wasn't a drop either.  When the doctor put his camera on it you you see blood come shooting out and it was fresh red blood.   When I asked what is that from they just told me I m not sure.  Probably either they really don't knopw or they don't want to tell me.   The reason the doctor also wanted me to have the cysto test was he wanted to make sure I didn't have bladder cancer which who knows on the that as they don't always tell me everything.

I go in on monday to have my procedure done for my bladder.  They said, they will make sure I will get plenty of pain medication if I need it.  I told them I do not want to be in alot of pain.    I will be on line this weekend, but won't be on line on monday and not sure after monday when I will be get back on line.  Just know I will be back on line as soon I can. 

Thanks to all who have sent me good luck messages with my up com ing surgery, as it means alot to me.  

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  1. sweetsteph 15 years ago

    terri call me as soon as you know something ,all of the blood thing sounds really weird to me ,my prayers arewith you ,you have been through to much…love you steph

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