I am a horrible roommate. No doubts about that. I've lived here in Minnesota for ten months and I was only employed for three months of that. I wasn't even paying off rent. I was paying back debts. I should have a job right now. I should have money for whatever comes my way. Instead, I let my fears turn me into a giant leech on the ones I love. Believe me, I'll be rectifying this soon, once I have the time.

Here's the deal. My boyfriend is sick. Very, very sick. He has been in the hospital since late Monday night. Yesterday I watched as they shoved an eight-inch needle through his back so they could remove two liters of fluid from around his right lung. Not in, thankfully, but around. Two liters.

Early this morning he had a Transesophageal echocardiogram… he woke me up just a few minutes ago with a phone call, telling me that he needed me to be there with him. He's probably going to need heart surgery. The doctors have been throwing the words "heart failure" around.

He's scared. I'm scared.

I wish I had the money to get him something to make him feel better. I know exactly what he needs, and I can't afford it at all.

This is kind of where the begging comes in, folks. I can understand if you can't… I know how it is… but…

Okay. Here it is.

I want to get Matthew the Monty Python's Flying Circus 16 Disc Complete Series.
He, like any person worth knowing, loves Monty Python. But he doesn't have the DVD set. Most nights we watch a clip or two on YouTube, but… he's stuck in a hospital bed, so that's a no-go.

I really want this for him, but… I don't know where to begin getting it for him. My own stupidity did this to me.

The nearest place that offers it at a reasonable price is Best Buy… they're selling it for 70 bucks online (They take online price matches, so if I were to go there, that's how much I'd pay for it)

If… someone, or some people were to help me get the money to buy this… 🙁 God, I'd draw you so many things. Make an offer. 70 drawings for 70 dollars? Cool. 140 drawings for 70 drawings? Cool.

Want me to do some random and humiliating act in public? Okay. You got it.

Kill the pope? Sure, as long as you're paying for the ticket to get there.

Anything, guys. I just want my boy to have a little happiness when he's so fucking scared. 🙁

Please, guys?



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