“Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”

A key idea that is brought up several times in this lesson is that Love makes no comparisons. Comparison is a way of setting things apart. So comparison is a reflection of unforgiveness. If I have forgiven my brother, I have let go of the idea that he is separate from me. It is impossible to compare what is one. There must be an \'other\' for a comparison to be made.

Each time I recognize that my brother shares the same need to Love that I have, my forgiveness or letting go of illusion is strengthened. Everyone in the world needs to Love, because Love is what we all are. Yet the world was made to be a place without Love, where Love/God is excluded. And so we wander the world searching for Love because we hear the call from our heart to return to Love. Forgiveness is the means in this world to remove the barriers to Love\'s Presence. That is why when forgiveness is complete, gratitude is complete, because Love is complete.

As I learn to look past the behavior that I disapprove of, the words that seem to hurt, and see the Love I share with all things, gratitude fills my heart. I no longer need to defend. I no longer need to compare myself with anything or anyone. The full recognition of the Love that I am dawns upon my mind. The search is over. I have found what I am and what I am encompasses all of Life, for what I am is one with Love, my Source. Love fills me and is my strength. Love is my safety and my peace.

Today let me look upon my brother and see him as he is, with no thought of the past and no empty images that could ever contain his magnificent Light. Thus will I recognize my Self and I will walk in gratitude.

Inherent within the Love of our Source is oneness. Oneness is the truth. Because all is One Love, there are no differences, no exceptions. When I open up my mind to accept this truth, the truth of God\'s Love as being all there is, I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude comes inherently with accepting the truth that God\'s Love is all there is.

Today my practice is to be grateful for the truth of our oneness in God. I am grateful that the truth of oneness is real and nothing else is real. This opening to the truth brings me deep peace. God is One. No dreams can change that. Of this I am grateful.

I am thankful that the dreams of separation could never be true. I am thankful that everyone is safe in God and their true Identity could never be changed from how God created them. I am thankful that all that is real still resides in Heaven and has never left Heaven. I am thankful that we cannot leave God, even though we may dream of separation. I am thankful that Love is the only reality and that dreams of separation could never be real. Remembering the Reality and Oneness of Love is the way I walk in gratitude. That is the essence of today\'s lesson for me.

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  1. jody417 13 years ago

    Wiz, I believe some are more connected than others and to some there is a seperation, and we are all just returning home to be one.

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