Okay, So it's been raining like all fucking day (it's like some tropical storm or something…I don't know) so obviously, Our trip to Typhoon Lagoon was cancelled-

Bad news, only until Wednesday, Which by that time the rain will be gone…So I'll be screwed then. Plus, I was forced to still go to the movies with them, Like I said part of me was happy to see Kim and Maddie..

But again compared to them I'm lower then shit. And until we got to our seats I kept my gaze on the floor, shaking from a panic attack. Even through the movie (though it was a good movie) all those thoughts ran through my head.

Being packed in with so many people, really got to me. Plus the people behind me kept whispering, and I kept thinking it was about me and their kid kept pulling on my seat through out certain scenes and I didn't have the courage to ask them to make him stop.

Once again bitter-sweet day. afterwards we went out to eat (UGH) and with so many people around this time I wasn't sure how I was able to escape from eating, I just cut my food into tiny pieces, moved it around my plate, blah blah made it look like I ate a good amount.

Anyway, So I actually just got home from dropping Kim and Maddie (and my brothers friends) and my brother almost got into a fight w/my dad and dad is getting all 'eh' because he had an interview tomorrow, Mom just went to her room to be 'her' and so I'm doing this at the moment…

Also, Tomorrow I'm going to see Beth, my 'shrink'. I'm not thrilled about it because it never helps plus it's such an early appointment, Plus though at times she says the right things (though I don't believe it) she's the one that made the joke after how I told her something that was an issue…So…she's….Eh.

Anyway,My dogs are also freaking out from the storm, so snowball is underneath my bed hiding and spicegirl is trying to crawl under my lap. They are the only to help to calm me down at the moment actually.

Well, I think that's it about today…I just don't have the energy to talk about any other problems or shit right now…I hope everyone else had a good day

And that your week goes well.


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