After a long grueling day- I had gathered his belongings in the hospital headed to his apartment to pack up everything and see the cats.

I came in the cats were hiding in the bath tub in the sink I didn’t know why they were meowing like crazy. They had plenty of food and water.

My husband was away for 4 weeks

After a few moments of being in the apartment I found out that the apartment was infested with fleas. As I was cleaning everything up and packing everything away I didn’t know what was garbage and what was not so it took everything. And I had a sleep not infested house for 2 days. I’ve never seen so many fleas in my life. I have no idea how it happened because the cats were indoor cats

One cat even let me wash him off in the shower because it was so badd he was relieved.


It took all the money that I had to rent A u haul

I was afraid to bring the cats in my house because the fleas. It was July and I was scared they spent the morning in the car. But it was getting too warm so I took him into the bathroom Then got to work with so please spray and Combs…. I was working hard on them while I was packing up still in the city. I was able to conquer the fleas

I had to take 2 trips. The get all his belongings

The 1st trip I had help unloading. I have a bag back…. My friend from the city was helping me…. He has as burgers pretty badd and he won’t admit it and he gets stuck on issues


My only help with its backing himself in the head cursing God and cursing life and giving me more stress that I needed at this difficult time. But he was the only help that I was receiving

You lost a small plastic part which then totally shut him down for the rest of the time that he was here he couldn’t do anything else but search for that missing part.

I really needed his help and when  He left the house stayed the way it was because my body can’t handle moving boxes.

The house was already a wreck but it looks even worse now

The cats are still not getting along with my one cat. They fight it’s been months now. The one cat was severely pleased to be back home and he will not leave my side and shows me how much he loves me and how happy hes back.


The other cat is a big Turkey fat cat that’s a bully and will beat up on any other little cats had come near him and my dog… Who also is sick and doesn’t have much time left


This move drained all my finances and I lost 2 weeks of work… I live pay check to pay check


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