i can’t sleep, i think i need to up my meds but i don’t have a psychiatrist right now. my boyfriend is so supportive. i can’t wait to marry him, which will be in at least two years because my parents are not able to financially support a wedding right now. anyway, i had such major anxiety while talking to him on the phone earlier. i don’t know why- we’ve been dating for over two years and i haven’t felt that anxious around him in forever. i was literally shaking like i used to when we first met. i get to see him on sunday. he’s taking me to mass then on a date (a picnic), then we’re gonna go back to my place and play VR and watch movies. oh god, i love him.
my college classes start back up on the 19th. this is my first semester registered as a college student (graduated early because i was homeschooled) and i’m really anxious. i’ll be driving myself since i got my license, and my dad ordered me the iphone 13 pro max??? and i’m getting a job this semester. i’m just a mess, but a hot mess who’s getting her life together.

i got this, and so do you.


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