Right,i've decided to have a bit of a rant cos i'm really,really frustrated at the moment.i don't expect anyone to read all of this,its just nice to get it off my chest.

it feels like everything's going wrong for me at the moment and i don't have any sort of future ahead of me.the one constant in my life is drawing comics.but,at the moment i can't draw for shit.no matter what goes wrong in my life the one thing i've always been able to count on is my art/drawing.i keep trying but,everything i draw is crap.i'm gonna try and take a break from it.

i've been having loadsa lil things going wrong aswell.they're pretty stupid lil things,but i'm so sensitive to things at the mo,that they're  getting to me.my car failed it's MOT so was outta comission for 2 weeks.just got it back and i lost my car keys for 3 days.found my car keys after they were found at a park and handed in at the post office and now i've noticed i've got a flat tyre.plus my scanner's playing up too.grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

my car having a flat tyre means i can't go and buy the new GTA game tomorrow either(although,it's probably gonna be sold out everywhere anyway).this was one of the only things to cheer me up recently(other than my friends). gggggrrrrrrrrrrraaaaa!!!!!

it's weird at the moment.i'm so sensitive.it dosn't take much to put a smile on my face,but at the same time one lil thing goes wrong and i'm down again.

i'm so frustrated.i think i'm ready to get on with my life.i'm fed up of feeling sorry for myself.i'm fed up with sulking.sitting in my room on my own feeling like crap.i wanna move on.meet people,have fun,live a little.but,i just don't know how to go about changing my life.i know it sounds bad,but i wish my dad was more of a dad to me.i know my dad loves me but,all my life i've needed guidance and never got it.i feel like i could do so much if i just had a bit of guidance and support.a push in the right direction.my parents just ignore me and moan about the fact i'm 25 and still living at home.i know i shouldn't blame my parents,but there we go.i said it.

i really hope i have a good summer.i'm just gonna try and chill for the summer with friends.get a full time job in september.i wanna have fun.i'd love to meet a girl too,but i think wanting that too much makes things worse.also,it can stop you just having fun with friends.if a girl happens to come along and she's insane enough to spend more than a minute with me that would be nice.but,i'm not gonna think about it too much.

my crappy life at the moment has been made so much easier with the help of my friends.they don't realise it and i won't tell so,but i love 'em to bits.

if you read all of this thank you.you really didn't have to.

 phew.i feel a lot better now.if something else goes wrong i'll be back.lol

double peace!! 



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