Well it's finally Friday, not that its an important day or anything, actually just another day….

Tomorrow is Saturday, and yes it's just another day.

So, not awhole lot has gone on this week. Arm isn't feeling as bad as it was, thats a bonus!!  Actually dug out a few Thanksgiving decorations and even went outside for pinecones and small pine tree branches to make centerpeices.  Had a nostalgic moment. I didn't put up any Halloween decorations this year, the desire just wasn't there. Now i'm already wondering if i want to deal with all the x-mas decorations…..cross that bridge when i get there.

Well i will be damned, it is supposed to get up to 50 today!!!! OMG.  I just might have to vinture out and walk into town, it's about a mile away. Think getting a good walk in would do me good. Been kinda hooked to the house during the shitty weather, besides quick walks around the property.

I have started another project, tssss, someday i will actually finish one before starting another…lol.  Anyways i'm cutting out material to make bags. Like grocery bags. Do my part of cutting out more plastic!!!  Who knows maybe i can sell some, maybe even talk my oldest daughter into getting into it. My mother bought her a new sewing machine about 6 months ago because she had expressed a desire to make and sell clothes…..she hasn't touched it. So maybe doing these bags will be simpler for her and has endless possibilities of designs & material. Guess we'll see aye?  A thought.  

Well i think i'm off here for a short, make me some oatmeal and get my ass dressed, the store in town opens in two hours and i want a rip it (energy drink) lol 


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