I got up this morning and I was so upset with my husband.  It seems like a never ending thing with him.  He got upset because my son smarted off to me.  I understand you have to make kids mind you, if you dont they will run all over you.  But anyway he made the statement if you had never opened the door on saturday this wouldnt be happening.  I said excuse me what do you mean.  He said everything was fine until he showed up (meaning my son's father).  I said I cant keep him from our son he has rights to and I am NOT going to keep him from him.  He said you shouldve have told him that he didnt want anything to do with him.  I said I couldnt do that and I wouldnt do that.  You wouldnt want anyone to keep you from your kids.  He said that dont matter.  I said yes it does.  Well he finally apologized and we went to bed.  I was up and down all night worrying about this crap.  Finally this morning I got up and he said what is wrong.  I said I am going to tell you like it is.  I am NOT GOING to live like I have the past 2 years with you and you being an asshole and not respecting me.  He said what do you mean.  I said you blamed me cause my ex-husband and my son want to work things out come on grow up!!!  You wouldnt want to be away from your kids.  I said if this the way it is going to be then I will tell you I am NOT  going to put up with it and still be married to you I WILL leave and you can just leave me alone.  He looked at me and said Gosh I didnt know I hurt you that bad.  I said you can either ACCEPT the was things are or we can just END THIS MARRIAGE NOW!!!!!  I said you can either support me and my son and the decisions that I make for him or there will be trouble.  You can also apologize to my son and tell him that you support him or its OVER!!  He looked at me and said I am so sorry and I love you so very much.  I wont do it anymore.  I said ok, but if it happens again take heat to what I am saying cause I wont hesitate to leave.  The only thing I know to do is take it day by day cause I love this man with all my heart, but I will not let him blame me for stuff that I have no control over.  I love and support my son and I am happy that him and his father and trying to work things out.  I just hope and pray that this is for real.  I know that my son couldnt take it if it wasnt.


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