Speak of medical condition some made up boundary of emotion and actual pain anxiety panic misery constant suffering complete isolation faced by inhuman ideas of a picture perfect framework being someone with disabilities to a point of suicidal action my life is so dam horrible due to pain creates horror beyond comprehension it is like a cancer eating away at my soul writing was once a good form of focus away from problems but where do i type having no faith in humanity a solution be silent and go crazy or get some stranger asking for a list of medical conditions my belief in god is an only comfort but it is variable like a out of date fashion please do not expect punctuation it is the way i write and think in continous sentences so why bother creating this blog serves no purpose and illness causes others to argue about spending time in my presence i am not by nature a angry person but pain causes anxiety i often lose concentration crying out to a void as if commented communications can heal terminal situations there is no idea of humility just attempting to not fall out of existence compleatly reach out to nobody got no friends or family it seems like my life was never really real and the future a constant battle complex language fear of everyday circumstances a routine of complication trying without knowing consequences easier silence or else bitter arguments some quick fire questions the pressure of reality just to have a shoulder for crying on supporting this sorry person writing all about how i am solemn broken pain ridden a delusion fashioning some fantasy about how once being happy no ability tired unspoken badly written sentence a victim of conscience you was write about everything seems like my entire world unraveled resounding within panic tragic self glorification trying too hard at being worthwhile communication dressing every message in mysterious revelations as if a holy communion someone worth knowing when truth be is a long list of problems Morality miracle society talking to a institution bound by apathy without logical explanation an exception like religion freedom short simple pointed words friendship anguish motive conspiracy linguistic idiocy to be creative whatever nothing lasts forever characteristic manipulation of disabled people for self exhibit common weak stupidities a insecurity piety not pity you calamity  unknown entity voiden unearthly a mystery why ask me about stargazing i know ask a quick question in between dissection to start an argument if i dont answer typical puerile behavior the soul only exists when in deep sleep it is a vessel that regenerates our bio static field channeling energy into crystal bone formation while asleep the bio static field accelerates forming a sphere or soul which anchors within the earth's magnetic envelope some people think stars are souls each of us when dreaming astral projections old indian legends god help me  the difference between sociology and psychology by definition is a philosophy to want something have expectation but limited by individual condition an individual life story why some people suffer more than others to talk about health or worth does someone with an illness deserve to be alive consider the soul an athletic reflex reached by kinetic meditation as in dance or yoga type martial arts to speak of what keeps our hearts beating some external energy or light and is not just a result of machine combustion anyhow never mind  accident so being negative fear onslaught gravity spells of consequence futile people another nail in my coffin mine forever damnation affliction operation sewn up subdivision word repetition self opinion sullen pet like renditions made up execution if all consciousness is an ark it be commented singularity some erratic  planet that twinkles then every so often collides with his earth stops everything into animation moment of learning ship upon the horizon hovering over pools of water,accepting ignorance over spirituality comforted by stupidity acting like rats that fester over squalor an hypocrisy reacting to all that causes mortality be it binary fusion reproduction mass erosion insanity infection puerile mentality picturing individual insecurity cradling weak emotions helping nobody dwelling within profanity an alter must not show mercy there is no such word as pity piety help yourself escape this evil believe in someone who does not exist kindness commandments shallow halos pain windows growling accents language limitations speak clearly only god listens being busy wondering about nothing pittance versus avoidance those who cause suffering control everything reminds me of crucifixion mocking slandering celebrating it really happened and still continues as critical fashions better than you she is all that matters your a loser this is nonsense forever arguments



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