" This is from Lucinda Bassett's program, Attacking Anxiety:

1) Recognize that you are feeling anxious. Accept your body feelings as a symptom of your anxiety and a sign that something is bothering you.

2) Try to figure out what really is bothering you. Is it some type of conflict that you don't want to deal with? Is it a scary thought? Is it a ridiculous expectation you have about yourself? How about the television program you watched last night? What is bothering you?

3) Give yourself permission to feel anxious about whatever it is that is bothering you. "Of course I feel anxious because…" It is okay to have anxiety."

4) Use positive dialogue to talk yourself through the anxious time. It will pass. Examples of dialogue might be "It's just anxiety. It will go away. I will not lose control. I can still go about my business feeling spaced out. It won't hurt me."

5) Get busy. Do something to release some of this self-induced stimulation. Your body is like a car in high gear with the brakes on. Don't just sit there. Walk. Run. Clean closets. But do something. Distract yourself from the way you are feeling.

6) Try to see a little humor in the way you feel. You feel weird, but you don't look weird. Give yourself permission to feel weird for a little while. No big deal.

It takes time and lots and lots and lots of practice. But the only way to stop fearing panic and anxiety is to experience them. Then work your way through them and begin to see that they won't hurt you.

There is no need to run.

You are your safe place and your safe person. You can make yourself feel better.

found this while looking for ways to calm down. hope it helps
  1. Shelley5716 10 years ago

    Thanks for these … # 2 doesnt work for me, I have no reason to be anxious, just get hit by it
    # 5 is the best … do something that takes ur mind off of it, for me, I play Scrabble online usually or clean …

    Hope ur having a great day!

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  2. Chantale 10 years ago

    Thank you! I really enjoyed your post.

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