ocd IS A FROM OF ANXIETY! FROM WHAT i HAVE READ IN THE PAST……………Many times one thing brings on another. I have sufefered from it since I was 8 years old, then at nine and 10 years old, I was doing emotional eating. about 11 years old started with eating disorder of another kind which is called anorexia. At 15 years old I was again doing emotional eating, then at sixteen years old (married continued anorexia). I mostly have still trouble with anorexia, sometimes emotional eating, but not at the same time. I also do rituals from about  8 years old. I saw my real dad at about 10 years old which did cause distress of a strange breatthing pattern. That happens to me occasionally, but yes, of course I have panic attacks, and depression. I think the depression part makes us want to hurt ourselves, will we do it? It depends on your personal religious persecutions, your deep beliefs for life. Mine are real, real deep, and of course if they is going to be an overload and you snap, this can happen. You have to know yourself enough, to know when it is enough, or when it is time to go for help or whichever the case may be. I am not a doctor, but I have common sense, and I do read up on it from tome to time. I know what to do, and when it is time to go to find someone, doctor, whomever fits the bill for help. I don't trust just anyone, first of all. Personally, no, I do not believe in the medicine. I have seen more damage than good, now that's me. Maybe some people really need it, and can trust this industry to it. As for me I am going to do my darnest not to fall pray to it. It depends, was it a birthing medical proble, for I believe we are born perfect including our minds, unless we are birth by a birth defect. I was not, it was strictly a problem of environment. We need to be careful in our raising our kids and in the stability in their environments, and in making them they were welcomed into this world, and loved. They are not there to solve our problems, but to solve theirs. Now, everybody by far in entitled to their own opinions and how they do things, of course. We have the right to make our own choices pertaining our lives. Many of my choices were made for me. I can deal withthe strict, but I have a real problem with the unfairness of something, or the unjustness of it. now many children are quiet and you can push them around, that does not mean that is okay. No, none of us are perfect! Even if we are perfectionists, we do live in an imperfest world. Today many of the kids are more in control of their own lives, but again it depends where you live, and what your parents acceptances are. I only wish that one can understand. I wish that they don't try to diagnose me. If anybody knows better that person would be me, other than that the other person would be someone who has gone to school for all those kind of things and has a position in psychiatry for example. Please do not try to diagnose me, unless you suffer from this exact thing you do not know, nor have any idea about it. We all are different, and we solve things are own ways, probably that is why we have OCD in the first place. pLEASE RESPECT MY OPINIONS, AND i WILL YOURS AS WELL. I WRITE A LOT ON THE TRIBE AND I WANT TO CONTINUE TO DO SO. You do not wake up one fine day and ocd is gone and has left out of your life, it usually just doesn't happen that way. There might be a way to lessen it, or maybe something else to take it's place, or something that like triggers it and makes it worse. Only we know what those things are, only we know our triggers buttons, therefore it is an insult to try to make a judgemental call on any of us. Yes, I know I have to go to somebody. Keep in mind if I do sense something wrong I will easily take a u-turn and not go back to them again, yes, even if it was given to me FREE! We have to be respected and understood by doctors, we have the right for our human rights, and the free will that God has given us, don't let anybody take those two things away from you-my opinion! So, may you find your way to God's peace for he wants that truly for all of us!  May God bless you and keep you well.  Love,  Ekaterini-Kathy Things always get better, and we never know what's around the corner, so think positive, have courage, have hope, and above all have faith!  Better days will come, and are coming!! Have a great Summer!!!


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