Always remember that the Narcotics Anonymous program is based entirely on personal freedom, individual responsibility, and equality. The only message we have is one of hope for the still suffering addict. Any suggestions that are not found in our literature are the opinion of the person making them.
You have all of these rights, and so do others. You do not have the right to try to impose your beliefs or view of recovery on anyone. It is only through our Higher Powers guidance that we find the best way to practice our own program. Our Higher Power will never guide us to find the best way for another to practice their program. Criticism and judgment are to be avoided.
"We do not pressure new members to speak or act like us" it works how and why. In Narcotics Anonymous we lead by example, there are no rules or rulers. Coercion, in any form, is offensive. It is only through mutual respect that we find the unity necessary to carry out our primary purpose. These rights, based in our traditions, are not negotiable.
The Twelve Rights of NA

1. You have a right to a higher power of your own understanding.
2. You have a right to work the steps in your own way.
3. You have a right to work at your own pace.
4. You have a right to your own opinions.
5. You cannot say anything wrong in a meeting. You have a right to self expression.
6. You have a right to be free from coercion in any form.
7. You have a right to pick any sponsor you think will further your recovery.
8. You have a right to attend or join any other fellowship, church, society, or organization.
9. You have a right to attend any meeting you want as often as you choose.
10. You are a member when you say you are. Your right to your place in NA is always equal to any other members.
11. You have the right to make mistakes.
12. You have the right to come back after a relapse without recrimination.
"We urge NA members to remain open-minded and flexible. It is important to look to our literature and our experienced members for guidance, but ultimately each member has the right to understand and apply this program in the way that works best for her or him."


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