Well here we go again!!!!!!   My son gets home from school today to tell me this:


Mr. Kreiger was whining in class about how he got yelled at for playing that commercial (the one that started all the trouble to begin with and if I didn\'t explain it well it was about a couple going to sleep together and when the lady turned over to look at the guy he turned into Hitler….meaning the guy with hiv was hitler….its a german commercial then after the commercial was done he was laughing and saying aids activists are stupid for fighting the commercial).  Ok so anyway he was asking the class who told someone about the commercial then said there might be an assembly about hiv.  A stupid yelled out "oh no first sexual harrassment assembly now aids. What next?"  Then Mr. Kreiger started in with his joking around again.


Of course I called the principle again.  Apparently my son and his friend went into the principles office and complained.  So here I am complaining again just to find out Mr. Kreiger was talked to by the principle THIS MORNING!!!!  He was talked to this morning and after a couple of classes he is doing this shit.  So the principle is pissed again.  He is going to have an investigation and talk to all the kids in the class and get human resources involved. 


I again called my son\'s doctor office and they are going there to the school to talk with them and do an assembly too.  The assembly will have hiv kids talking.  I dunno if anyone will listen cause you know kids when they are not interested.  They will sit there and talk or text each other.


I do know this…..After my son\'s doctor goes there and after the investigation is done and he pulls one more stunt I am hiring an attorney an I will OWN him worse then an ex wife would own him.  I am PISSED!!!! 


And my son having to deal with this shit is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!  I feel like I am living in the backwoods of Tennesee or Kentucky or Georgia somewhere.  Somewhere waaaaaaaay out in the boonies with no people around.

  1. nonnerdeen 12 years ago

    Ok Mon you asked for it lol…..School name is Apache Junction High School

    Their phone number is 480-474-3980


    The teacher is Mr. Krieger (not sure on the spelling)


    Their fax number is  480-982-3787


    Thanks for the heads up MJR.  His doctor has been taking notes of each incident and the times and days I called them and what was said along with what they are doing.  I told her i will need a copy of all of that cause I am unsure of the dates on all these incidences.

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  2. nonnerdeen 12 years ago

    I found out last night my friend’s son heard a kid say "he must be a homo if he has aids".  My son heard the kid say something but couldn’t hear it all but she heard it and told my son. 


    Thank you all for your support and yes I would like the number to the ACLU. I’m not backing down on this.  NO ONE treats my child or ANY child like this.


    Jeff I think you are right that it should be done in a classroom but at least it is a start.  Obviously these kids need some kind of education.  They seem to know NOTHING about hiv and are talking like we are back in the early 80’s or late 70’s.  I mean just look at the first comment I posted in this reply.  I am stunned that is how kids are still thinking.  What happened to all the education they got 10-15 years ago?  I can remember people coming to my son’s school and educating them about hiv but that all just stopped when the morons decided to push for absidence.   Yea that idea worked out great didn’t it?  Something needs to change and it needs to change NOW.

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  3. nonnerdeen 12 years ago



    My sister and 3 of her friends called the principle and my sister told me that the principle talked to him AGAIN this morning.  Well my son has been home a few hours from school and he said nothing happened today.   He did tell me his friend (the one that knows that went to the principle with him) went up to Mr. Kreiger today and told him his behaviour was wrong and he should’ve stopped it.  I hope he doesn’t do anything to her like lower her grade or something for speaking up to him.


    So I will keep you all posted IF anything else happens.  And to those that emailed or called the school I appreciate it greatly.  You all are the best and I thank you all so much for the support!!!!

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