wow two months since I last posted a blog.. I very much so enjoyed my vacation with my partner.. I\'ll try and post some pictures up… Since late January I been feeling nauseated with stomach pains; I chalked it up as nothing… while in Vegas the pain in my stomach was so bad that I couldn\'t walk let alone get out of bed, it felt as though I was being stabbed repeatedly in the bladder area, vomitting alot and wanting to pass bowels.. I had my partner call EMS for me cause I couldn\'t bear the pain (dumb me, forgot my pain killers at home).. anyways they didn\'t find what was causing the symptoms, as usual.. I felt fine when I left the E.R expect for when I took my meds.. I would throw it up, being that I knew I needed to keep it down, I would force myself to do so.. I mind you, I never had that side effect before.. upon my return I went to both my primary care and specialist.. Primary worked me up following a freakin abdominal abnormality protocol, which needless to say showed what they already knew was wrong and nothing new.. No answers to the pains.. I am beginning to wonder if bouts with these symptoms will be something "ordinary" or what.. Only recently (last month) did I experiment, becasue I needed to know, with out a doubt what was causing the nausea.. I determined that my therapy med was causing this side effect, I was like, DAMN! I was fine with it now this WTF.. I have a follow-up with my specialist next month, but have emailed him that I found out whats causing the nausea (emailed just last night).. I took my blood work for that appointment early already, maybe I should have waited till next week or something..


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