Hi guys! So I just arrived in England a few days ago to visit family. It\'s my born country – lived in Canada since 11. I have not had the greatest start!! I\'ve been doing this commute for 10 years now and I haven\'t had a problem. This time however it seems that I have succumbed to jet lag in a most terrible way. I have motion sickness that has been getting progressively worse day by day. The floor wants to jut sideways under my feet and I feel as though gravity is acting strongly periodically on my right side and trying to pull me down. It\'s almost a dizzy sensation but not. I have never experienced this before and as far as I can evaluate it has nothing to do with my anxious tendencies because I felt no anxiety before during or after the flight.. As I write this now I am lying in bed at 130am, after having been asleep for two hours already, and I am anxious for the first time on this trip. The dr I saw on Monday put me on motion sickness tablets and I HATE medications with a passion but at that point my needs outweighed my concerns. I was fed up and it was such a strong feeling of vertigo, I almost didn\'t care. It\'s a twice daily medication and I\'ve taken it 3 times so far. I just woke up really hot and needing the bathroom so I went to the bathroom and came back and reduced my blankets. As I was trying to get back to sleep my chest started to feel tight and I kept getting \”stuck\” in one of those conscious dreams. Don\'t know if anyone knows what I\'m talking about? It usually happens when trying to return to sleep, at least for me. This \”dream\” was looping and about switching something. I can\'t remember it now but every time it switched I got a wave if anxiety run thru my chest and start to build. When I forced myself fully conscious I had a very tight chest. Then that set me off thinking about the allergic reaction symptoms to this medication I\'m taking. Hard to breathe. Then rash. I looked on my body and there WERE red blotchey spots. But then I had to remind myself that I couldn\'t look for a rash then because I had just woken up after being too hot and that makes the skin patchy red. So I opened my window and did some deep slow breathing. (that\'s never really been a good solution for me) so after a few minutes I felt marginally better 10% better. And decided to do my favorite coping strategy of them all and write about it! 🙂 second favorite strategy is taking a video of myself talking about it. It puts everything in order and makes my brain fully work out most angles and has my wayward brain concentrate on something and move on from anxiety. I love it. Hope everyone else is enjoying the last of summer (if that is infact the season you are in!)


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