I don't know what to say. He's gone. Bryancats is gone.

I can't think. Right now all I can seem to do is weep.I know that's not what he would have wanted, but I can't help but feeling as though I should have known. He wouldn't talkabout it, how bad things were. Iknew in my heart that they were bad. I'vewatched family and friends die from cancer so many times, I know how fast (or how horribly slow) it can be. I wish I had the chance, the insight to have said what was in my heart. I can only pray that he can hear my words tonight~ the one's that I've kept to myself deep, deep down.

Since I learned of your passing on my birthday, every year from now on I will commemorate your life along with the passing of my years. I will find a specialway to give thanks for your life and the presence you held in mine.

My dear friend~ although my heart breaks at losing you, I am so glad that you are free now. I see you soaring above that broken body that could no longer contain such a magnificent soul, and I feel your joy and laughter as you spend time with Jonathan. You now have all of forever to make up for the years you missed each other so much.

May God hold you near and allow you to feel the love you've always deserved, and may it fill you completely and spill forth from your soul in sheer abundance. I may have never seen your face here on earth, but I will know you immediately when we meet again. And I promise that we will.

God bless you. And know that whatever permission you yearned for in being allowed to let go and go home~ I would have kissed your forehead, smiled, and told you, " Go fly like the wind. Go be with the stars. Go quickly, swiftly to your son." 🙂

I will play a piece for you on my violin. I wish we had been able to do that duet we had talked about.

Goodbye my gorgeous friend. You are so cherished and loved.


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  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    Dear Key,

    I am truly sorry for our loss. XX Mary

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