The smell of Rosewood in the air, sawdust covers the floors. Faded flowers from memories long ago. Black and White moments in a time, a time he lives in. As he speaks, you can't help but listen to a Life, once so alive, in a time of struggle and dispair. He talks of her, as though she's still with him among these walls. "Beautiful eyes and a smile that could light the darkest corners of the soul" he says softly, holding a faded photograph. He talks of those times with her, in the house as though they never left. " This is our first house, we were to raise our family here.." he says as the light within his eyes fades. A warm summer day, Slight breeze of cool wind on the back, First time together was the moment they knew they had only desire for each other.. They run away together in love, with hopes and dreams, to this house. As you listen to his story, you can see the Love and Dispair as though you were living it, yourself. As he starts to speak again, not a sound but the words of Love's Goodbye are heard. " We were so in love, my mother said to me that the way I hold her, and how it makes her feel, was the exact way my father held her. She told me she knew, as did I, that I had a Love only a few souls could ever understand, To cherish it, for This unique Love brings Unique hardships and pain. I did not understand completely, the words she spoke, Until the Day my life changed forever. Now I await My Love's return in the endless memories of a time long ago." Watching him live between memories, reminds me, that in the end, we all may lose physically what we love and desire, but even in death, if it's true, it will go on until the end of time. Shortly after my visit, he quietly went to her side within the shadows of their dreams. I went to see the old man again, and I asked if we could speak of a past he's relived silently for almost a century. He looks at a sky of blue and white, and softly speaks.. "You're wanting to know about a dream I lost long ago." I nod and ask about a child so many years ago. "That's a flame that never seems to fully extinguish." He pulls out a faded photograph. You can barely tell there are two people in it, one man, one girl. "She was our world. But it wasn't destiny to hold her forever. Her eyes were Brown, her hair soft. Her smile lit a room like only an angel could." He leaned back in his chair, his eyes an open window to his past life. "Everything was in vain, with that, we never gave up hoping there would be an answer to our prayers. As quickly as her smile lit the night on fire, she quietly became a star in my sky. Each night I look to the stars for my baby, and hope she's watching over me knowing I'll always love her." When I enquire on what happened, he seems more confused then about anything else. " I only remember a blue sky with some clouds, beautiful day, for a beautiful girl, then darkness within my heart for years, that has turned me cold to the light of day." I can only wonder in silence, what this old man has gone though, throughout his life. It would be the last time I saw the old man, he quietly joined his family, one bitterly cold night.


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