So last night my husband decided he wanted to throw a party. I was all for it since we hadnt had a party in awhile. Well most of you dont know that I had cheated on my husband in the peak of my depression so i'm telling you now. I told him he knows and we went to therapy and we are MUCH better now. ok my friend cheated on her husband with the same guy….this guy was a douche who preyed on emotionally unstable army wives…..well she apparently LOATHES the ground i walk on now because i had cheated..she did too so idk why she hates me so bad.

Back to the point. Her husband and my husband are best friends so of course he invited him. (His name is Sam) So Sam walks into the house and immediately turns to me and says oo i'm not allowed to talk to you… really she told him that he wasnt allowed to talk to me at a party at MY house. ok so i'm a little irritated. As the night progress and some of the other wives show up. I get informed of how much i'm hated by her. People I dont even know think i'm going to steal their man and think i'm some horrible person. ok so now i'm really pissed.

The night progresses on and of course people are getting drunk. Well Sam starts trying to grab my boob. and would like sneak grab my boob. I'm like WTF stop and would smack his hand. At this point my husband was shitfaced lol so i was left with smacking his hands away and repeatedly saying stop it and no.

Finally people started to leave and Sam isnt supposed to come home drunk and asked my husband if he could stay here. Of course them being best friends he said yeah. so it was him and two other buddies staying on our couch. Well one of our Sober friends who stayed in offered to come to my house and take some of the guys home. Sam was one of them he was taking home. Before sam left he punched my boob right in front of like 4 people. Luckily some of them stuck up for me.

So I wake up super early to clean my kitchen and check my facebook. I get this nasty message from my friend saying how i make her sick and how i had apparently "flashed her husband and tried to get him to have sex with me" ummmm wtf oo and how the guy who we had cheated on with told her all this stuff about me and that she was going to tell my husband what "ive done"………ooo yes lets trust what the guy says who single handedly tried to tear our relationships apart. cuz thats real smart.

So I told my husband what his friend had done. and sent my friend a message about how she is such a hypocrite. She posted all over her facebook how I was a horrible person who flashed her husband and tried to sleep with him. I was so upset and I told my husband and he said have you told her about what sam did last night. I hadnt and my husband told me to send her a message about last night and not to worry about it because she is a bitch and we are ok and he loves me.

I'm so ready to leave this post and this Drama. I have moved past who I was in the past and I will never be that person again. My family is better than ever and I'm finally happy. I dont need her approval

  1. Tali_G87 11 years ago

    More power to you for being strong! She's probably going through emotional issues herself becausein her little head she was the only one he was fooling around with and since he fooled around with you as well, that takes away her "special" feeling. Either way, she's being a hater towards you. Perhaps she's jealous because you were able to get through that low point with your marriage intact. I'm glad your husband stuck by you & supports like he does. I'll be praying for you both! 😀

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  2. Mekia3082 11 years ago

    you go girl your a brave one and she is miserable let her be that way bu herself.

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