So far this winter I've had 3 colds and now I've managed to catch the flu. I'm feeling so frustrated and until an hour or two ago I was sinking deep into the "why me?" theories. My husband's cousin came over the other day, he forgot to tell us he had the flu and bronchitis, so I'm pretty sure that's where I got it from, I'm so mad at him. I hate being sick, earlier it was bad, my skin hurt, my head hurt, my nose was stuffy, i had a fever etc. I took tylenol and the fever just wouldn't go down, my husband's mom gave me a painkiller, I finally feel alive again, my nose is still stuffy but I'm not coughing as much, the aches and pains have finally gone away and I'm hungry for the first time since last night, it's 10:30 PM and i haven't eaten anything since last night. 

I saw that UV germ killer tool on thinkgeek, I so want it, I get sick easily and I hate being sick, I'm impossible when I'm sick. Especially when it's with the flu, I haven't even brushed my hair today, I can't tie it up, it makes my scalp hurt. I'm seriously thinking about ordering that tool, it's UV light that when pointed at an object for 10 seconds, kills all germs/bacterias etc, it'd be very practical for like public bathrooms, door knobs, keyboards etc.

I think I'm gonna go to the store and get some food soon, I want to get some jello, it's one of those things I know I can manage to keep down when I feel this bad. If you add fruit salad to it, then at least it's somewhat nutritious. 

I so hate being sick, the flu this year is bad, the cold me and my husband had earlier this month was horrible too. Everyone should be careful not to catch it this year, it really stinks.  

  1. adspammer42351137 14 years ago

    I'm not much for words but holding a light on an area for ten seconds seems tuffer than just spraying that area with a disenfectant and leaving it.  Yea the germs stay there but they are dead still and unable to cause illness.  Seems like a hastle to wave a germkiller wand around, to me personally.

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  2. demented_are_go 14 years ago

    you can't always have something to clean with, there's things that aren't easy to clean too, like keyboards, i desinfect mine with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, key by key. with that, 10 seconds and it's done.

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