So, I went a bit insane and quit my job today. No notice, I just packed my things and went on my way. Well, at least I tried to go on my way.

My 'supervisor' had been getting on my nerves for a while now…I felt she treated me like I was a child or was simple-minded, and I am neither. I was a good worker and I didn't need her bothering me and distracting me from my duties. She was basically on a power-trip and I didn't suck up like the others, so we weren't getting along at all. She'd been especially irritating this week (I'd already told her to stop coming over to tell me I needed to get my computer fixed earlier in the week. I'm pretty sure I know to contact IT when I have a problem and I don't need someone to come over 5 times to tell me.) and this morning I just plain out ignored her and she said 'OK, we need to have a meeting because this can't go on. Come meet me at my cubicle.' I kept doing my work because I don't know about her, but I was busy and would rather get my work done than go around wasting people's time.  So she leaves and then she comes back and tells me again 'You need to come to my cubicle now.' I told her I was busy and she kept telling me to stop what I was doing and to go to her cubicle. So I told her whatever she had to say she could do it right there. She kept saying I had to go to her cubicle. I kept saying she could say whatever she had to say right there because really what it the point of me walking all the way to the other side of the building to her 'cubicle'. It's just another of her little ways of saying 'I have power over you'. She kept standing over me telling me to drop my work until I grabbed my cell phone, said I was on my break and walked away. She said she was going to go call our company and that I was to go to her cubicle.

I went to the bathroom and called my mother…I was sobbing so I freaked her out a bit. I told her I wanted to quit my job and she said not to stay somewhere I wasn't happy and that my dad would come pick me up. I went back to my cubicle and put all my things in a bag and walked over to the other part of the building to say goodbye to my friend. I stopped to say goodbye to someone else and she tried to talk me out of it and followed me to my friend's cubicle. She knew I was unhappy at work so when she saw me she knew what I'd done. I'd planned to go quietly, but I ended up with a huddle of women around me trying to dissuade me from leaving this way. Even the district director walked by and stopped to see what was going on and she tried to talk me out of it too. I was taken to the side by other supervisors who also tried to talk me out of it, but I wasn't going to go back once I'd said I was leaving. Apparently, a real supervisor is starting in 3 weeks, but really I'd had enough. Another higher-up took me to his office and it was a little awkward, but he made some calls to see if there were openings upstairs and told me I could use him as a recommendation. While I was in there he got a call saying my 'supervisor' wanted to see me. I thanked him and I went to turn in my ID and went to the file room. She was there and started once again to say 'Come back to my cubicle with me.' I said 'No, my dad is waiting outside for me.' So she told me I needed to turn in my ID and call the company to tell them I quit. She really needed me to walk back there to tell me that?

I thanked the director on my way out and said goodbye to some people and went to find my dad. He was telling me not to worry because there are tons of jobs out there. When I got home my mother told me that I didn't go to school to take shit from anyone. So at least they've been supportive.

I called the company twice, but no one picked up. I left a message the second time saying I'd called, but no one called me back. I think I'm just going to write an email.

Leaving this job without having another one lined up wasn't the brightest thing to do. Job-hunting terrifies me and I've been trying to find a new one for a while and haven't had any success. I have 0 confidence and don't think I'm qualified for anything. I have a weak resume and I'm horrible at interviews. When they saw I was set on leaving, a few people told me they'd give me recommendations, but I feel a little weird using people from the job I just walked out of. It's possible they'll think it over and realize I'm a nutter. I'm sure there will be a meeting concerning this and she won't have nice things to say about me. But I know that a lot of other people liked me and had good things to say about me, so maybe I won't look so bad.

I don't think what I did fully hit me until now and I'm feeling depressed and anxious. I have credit card bills and student loans to pay and I have meager savings.

I'm not really sure what to do with myself right now.


  1. demented_are_go 15 years ago

    When you're unhappy with your work, it affects all areas of your life. I used to work at a company I hated, they treated their workers like crap. The day I handed in my resignation was amazing, it felt so good.I think you did the right thing, sometimes it's best to leave than to put up with a situation that makes us unhappy, I'd tell them exactly why you left, the job I quit back in October had what they called an "exit interview" where you went to see HR and told them why you were leaving. It was nice to be able to tell them exactly what I felt was wrong. 

    It sounds like that job was really affecting you, by leaving you put your mental health first, which is good. You'll find another job, don't stress out too much about interviews, if it worries you too much, you can always do mock interviews with a friend and look at interview tips online.  

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  2. adspammer42351137 15 years ago

    I don't think you did the wrong thing here.   I unno I've spent many many hours through temp agencies, to support me and my wife.  It a low I can't say it made me happy, but it also never made me overly upset like that job.  Take into accord you did in fact attend school.  There are so many jobseekers out there who haven't managed to even get their GED or even finish Highschool.  I cannot say go get a temp job but I will say keep that in mind.  Its easier to have confidence if you have an income rolling in.  Happy Hunting!

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