Im so tired of this sleep obsession I’ve had for the past 4 years. I never ever had a problem with sleep until this crazy doctor put me on geodon and I started to experience tardive dsykensia and at the time I didnt put 2 and 2 together, I’d just thought I was stressed out. I would stay up for days at a time and literally make myself lay down at 9 pm and by 6 am I was still wide awake. My head would jerk back n forth and my body would shake. I also had no appetite and my weight went down to 90 pounds. I dont take Geodon anymore but ever since then I just cant sleep the same. Im not sure if its just in my head but it is such a big fear of mine now that if I dont go tto sleep at same time everynight I wont sleep. Im so tired of this I go to bed like an old person. seriously 8 pm lol its ridiculous and I miss life. Im barely up more than 13 hours a day but the thing is if I feel like I wont sleep I will self medicate and take too much seroquel than I should. Im only suppose to be on 400 mg and I pushed it all the way up to 700. Its dangerous yet I cant stop the fear is so strong and I just dont know what to do anymore. I miss staying up late and doing things with my boyfriend and I know he is very tired of me barely spending any time with him. I just dont know what to do. seroquel is the only thing that works on me but doubling it every night is very risky. any thoughts?

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  1. bluebuddha 12 years ago

    ~Go back to your doctor, let them know what is going on, let them know you don’t want to go through this anymore. If they can’t help you find another doctor that will.


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