I have been on Prozac for almost a month now, and I am very pleased with the results. I still have OCD symptoms, but they are not as overwhelming. Also, the depression that I was feeling as a result of the OCD has lessened significantly. For a while, I was considering dropping out because school has been the main source of my anxiety. Now, I feel like I'm finally in control of my mind, and nothing seems as terrible as it did before.

There was one day last week where I was completely not myself. I am always very on topof all of my homework, studying, and assignments, butthat changed lastweek. Monday night, it didn't even occur to me to complete my assignments or study for a quiz that I had the next day. I justcompletely forgot, which likeI said, is not like me at all. I didn'teven realize my slip-up until the next day, but everything still managed to work out. I crammed for the quiz for about 5 minutes and got a 100, and I was able to make up the homework assignment. Usually this wouldhave completely freaked me out, but Iwas just able to roll with the punches. I talked tomy psychiatrist about this, and he said that it wascompletely normal. He said that a lot of people have a little period of time like this because the anxiety thatis usually their main motivatorhas subsided some, so they have to find a new way to motivatethemselves.This is thestage I am in right now. This probably isn't the best timing, sinceI have 5 finals and one paper within the next week, but I'm okay with it. For once, I'm not overwhelmed by everything, and I have a positive outlook.

My symptoms are not completely gone, but they have subsided enough to where I finally feel like I'm in control of my life again. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. sdluna 9 years ago

    That's awesome!!!  I'm so glad you gave it some time to work and you're feeling the benefits:)

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  2. Bella87 9 years ago

    Hi there,

    That is great news. I feel like I can relate to you as I found univeristy so overwhelming with the OCD and I dropped out. At that time I was not on medication. Recently I have changed medications and I feel the same as you – the OCD symptoms are still there but I dont care as much in a good way :).

    Bella 🙂

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