Well today started VERY slowly. I woke up at two. Smoked a cigarette. Checked my e-mails. Then something happened.




I was playing the SIms all day. It's like my crack. I can't get enough. Building the houses, designing the interior, pulling the ladder out when they're swimming. It's relieving somehow. I'm in an amazing mood.




Outside of my computer; I've started talking to this guy. His name's Ken. He's also poz and seems to be a decent guy. We're getting to know each other before we decide to meet up for coffee. Online dating has it's ups and downs, but I prefer it. Being gay, I can't really just ask someone if they're gay or not.



The seeds have been planted and watered. Hopefully they'll germinate into something beautiful. I also started registerring for college in the fall. I'm nervous but excited. I need to do something with myself. Too much free time gets old. Hopefully these jobs call back. I would love to work at the kennel.




It's just nice to be happy today. Laughing. Joking. It's easier to be happy than sad that's for sure. I feel something building up. I even got my man parts to work today. Something I haven't seen in weeks. My libido is picking up which is nice because not being able to get aroused kind of stings being such a young man.




Well not that everyone needs to know about my penis… Oh well; that would be life.



-Vivre out-

  1. reichul 11 years ago

    sounds great! this could be the start of something new

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  2. MarcAnthony 11 years ago

    Glad to read you're getting out of your slump. Hope all works out!

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  3. StillAdjusting2this 11 years ago

    All 19 year olds are supposed to think about is a job and or school and sex. It's the law.

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