So i have discovered what keeps me going, what recesses the tiredness and aching and lets me live on through my days happy and stress free… BLOGGING… it never dawned on me untill my laptop started being slow and i got fed up with it… Having not blogged in over a week.. im MISERABLE…. idk what it is about writing here on the internet, but its my escape hatch.. I enjoy ranting about world events, bull shitting about my own life and things that have happens and i also enjoy just informing whomever reads my blogs about things going on around them…. I am on another social site……. this site is WONDERFUL… and i constantly used to blog on that site, but recently i have lost that motivation.. so now i am seeking what can push me to start back into this free lance writing form that keeps me out of mental homes and helps me to drop the razor when i feel like the end is near.

Besides Writing, Reading blogs may I add are great for learning things you never knew, because in blogs ppl tend to give away thier housekeeping secrets, recipes, pet care tips… everything really… and i always catch myself writing down something into my mental bank when i am reading blogs. And tho this Blog itself seems quiet irrelevant to this site.. its not… Why? because, a blog is all about expression… I choose to let you know my stress relief, because what works for me, may work for someone else… So, next time you don't know what to do… check out my other blog site…. read blogs here on the tribe… try www.Blogger.comand just search random blogs… and for my lesbian friends out there… try … that is my ALL time favorite 😀

Happy Blogging

  1. Irishlass 10 years ago

    Got to agree with Mj blogging is therapy and l find it easier some days to cope once l write.I having been writing in my private journals for years and when l go back and read them l see how much l have changed.

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  2. MarcAnthony 10 years ago

    Completely agree with you! Blogging is great therapy!


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