Well its going to be a year now since I was first diagnosed HIV positive, and even better at the AIDS stage of the disease lol......... but once I started medication its like im back to normal started with a CD4 95 and VL 800k+ now im at CD4 497 and VL undetectable. the miracle of HAART, but the doctor switched my regimine from Prezista, Norvir, Intelence, Isentress to a one a day pill called Triumeq. So far no side effects from the new drug other than the good feeling of not having to take 4 pills twice a day!

Its crazy I havn't really gotten into this site for a while. Can't believe a year ago I was miserable, feeling sad about myself, thinking my life was over, and now I am alot more optimisitc about what my future holds for me. Yeah there are still many challenges ahead but I know its going to be alright. I am halfway completed with my first Internship as a Communitty Counselor and have one more semester of Internship 2 before I graduate and hopefully start providing services for people coping with this disease. I guess in a selfish way providing psychotherapy to others is a constant reminder that even if I'm having a bad day, there is so many other people out there that have been through or are going through worst things in their lives.

Finally I guess the thing that I am still trying to figure out is how to beat the fatigue I get mid-day of my work/school week. Its like coffee only does so much, diet pills that have stimulants are only doing so much. My doctor tells me its a common complaint with people living with HIV but I need something that will give me energy without any bad side effects. Any suggestions from whoever reads this would be appreciated.Either way keep a positive attitude and stay safe!


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